St Joseph’s Hospital, Newport

With over 160 leading consultants, supported by a dedicated nursing team and state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities, St Joseph’s Hospital offers the most advanced diagnostic capabilities of any private or NHS hospital in the UK. To complement their newly refurbished patient rooms and introduce a more comprehensive in-room entertainment, the team at St Joseph’s Hospital was looking to add new smart TVs with Sky and Video-On-Demand.

We were excited to take on the project and had a fantastic time working with the team at St Joseph’s Hospital on upgrading their patient rooms.

The first phase of the installation focused on the St Andrews and St Patricks wings, upgrading a total of 23 rooms as well as their digital distribution system. During the second phase the additional 8 rooms in the DSU were also upgraded, completing the project.

Healthcare TV Company installed a range of 43” Samsung Smart Commercial TVs across St Joseph’s 31 patient rooms, bringing premium in-room entertainment to each room while creating a safe, paperless environment for each patient. St Joseph’s patients can now access a wide range of information digitally through our cloud-based TV system, enjoy a variety of on-demand movies and a range of Premium Sky TV Channels.

St Joseph’s very own cloud-based TV system is customised to fit their brand perfectly and packed with useful information about the hospital facilities, services and patient plans. The TV system is designed to help the team to:

and so much more…

The TV system is the perfect, paperless solution to distributing tailored information to each patient room. It’s fully customisable, easy to use, and can greatly reduce patients’ contact with materials & surfaces by digitalizing all required information and displaying it beautifully on the TV screen.

The TV system also enables patients to access our video-on-demand service offering the latest movies, TV shows and Hollywood classics in the comfort of their own room.

Furthermore, there are no subscription costs for the hospital at all, instead the patients will simply pay for what they want to watch, when they want to watch it!

Each TV is also connected to a Sky box which is integrated to St Joseph’s cloud-based TV system to ensure patients can easily enjoy premium Sky TV channels in the comfort of their room. To further ensure that guests can easily watch Sky TV from their bed, the Sky boxes were also connected with Magic Eye with IO link, extending the range and making it easier for patients to switch channels & control the box.

Finally, to ensure the team at St Joseph’s Hospital has all the support they need, we set up a maintenance agreement to assist them with their new TV system. From updating content remotely all the way to regular system checks and performance reporting, we hope to work alongside the team at St Joseph’s going forward, making sure that everything is always running smoothly.

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