Samsung Healthcare TVs

Choose from Samsung’s Smart & Non-Smart Healthcare TV range. It offers integrated display solutions to give a personalised in-room experience with Samsung Commercial TVs. What’s more, Samsung’s commercial displays offer viewers the lifelike picture quality of home entertainment systems on their in-room screens. In fact, Samsung’s latest smart displays show all content at UHD resolution, and with four times the pixels of the FHD standard. 

Samsung Non-Smart TVs
Viewers can experience the relaxation and the comforts of home with stylish Samsung TV’s.
Samsung Smart TVs
Samsung offers smart technology and integrated solutions to provide a personalised in-room experience.

Why you should choose Samsung Commercial TVs?

Samsung’s new commercial displays offer a new concept as an “innovation enabler” with an integrated platform. Furthermore, beyond steady UHD quality, Samsung’s commercial TVs bring the power of High Dynamic Range (HDR10+) picture refinement to any room.  Due to the use of dynamic metadata that fine-tunes each frame, HDR10+ technology delivers an optimal, detail-rich viewing experience.

Centralized content management

Unlike consumer TVs, Samsung Hospitality TVs are compatible with content management solutions, letting you control content across TVs from one central location.

Increased patient satisfaction

Samsung healthcare TVs give patients the high-definition viewing experience they enjoy at home, with access to social networking and medical materials.

Maximum Volume Restrictions

Make sure patients don't put the volume too high and disturb others by restricting the maximum volume of the TV

2 Year Commercial Warranty

Samsung Commercial TVs typically come with longer two-year warranties and service from technicians familiar with commercial needs.

Security Mode Settings

Ensure that patients cannot adjust or delete channels & healthcare settings off the TV

Data Protection Compliance

Commercial TVs are designed to clear any patient information at set intervals, to ensure data protection compliance.

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