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Video on Demand is an amazing streaming services that gives you an exclusive look at the newest movies straight out of the cinema to view now or pre-order. Let your patients enjoy the latest award-winning TV shows, documentaries and dramas directly on their in-room TV.

SCRIPTVOD offers multiple ways for your patients to view the latest movies and TV shows. We can supply a simple system where the patient just pay for the shows / films they want, or we can offer a system where the healthcare establishment covers the cost. Either way we have a hassle free way of supplying Video on Demand into each and every room.

An image of a healthcare tv displaying different movies and tv shows
Pay As You Go
Allow patients to pay to watch on-demand content directly on our VOD service…
Monthly Subscription
You can subscribe to our video on demand service and offer it to your patients for free…
An image of a healthcare tv displaying different movies and tv shows
Revenue Share
You can charge patients for their on-demand content and earn on a revenue share basis…

Choose from over 100 brilliant titles...

Pay-As-You-Go Video on Demand Service

Offer the latest on-demand titles with no subscription fee!

Give patients the option to pay to watch the movies as and when they wish to. Our Pay-As-You-Go model is designed to fit every budget, offering an easy-to-use VOD service with 0 subscription fee!

You pay a set, one-off configuration fee per room and  let patients individually pay for the movies they wish to watch directly on the video on demand app.

Estimated cost for the patient:

Video on Demand on a Monthly Subscription

Unlock all on-demand content for your patients to enjoy...

With this subscription model, you can pay monthly to unlock all content and allow your patients to watch the movies they want for free or you can charge them to use the Video on Demand service. 

Choose your movie package:

*Adult Content can be added to the package and will be subject to a patient charge at £6.73

Video on Demand on a Revenue Share Model

Let patients pay for their content and share revenue with the movie studios...

With this model, the movie content is paid by the patients and you profit on a revenue share basis.

In other words, sales of up to £1.50 per room per month go entirely to the movie studios. For any sales above £1.50, 20% goes to the healthcare establishment and the rest to the movie studios.

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