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show visiting hours, staff on duty, CQC compliance, menus and activities directly on the TV

Enterprise TV System

Our Enterprise TV System allows you to display up-to-date information, advertise your facilities and services, and generate requests through the patient room TV. Allow patients to request food items, activities and more directly on the healthcare TV. Besides better request functionality, messaging and room bill, our Enterprise TV System also offer smart widgets, such as, weather, world clock, request assistance, survey, fire alarm warning and more…

Why you should choose our Enterprise TV System?

Personal Greeting

Make your patients feel at home with personalised welcome message on their TV

Information Pages

Add customisable info pages about your facilities, visiting times and more on the TV

Widgets & RSS Feeds

Add date & time, weather, flight schedule widgets and scrolling RSS Feeds

Wake Up Alarm

Allow patients/residents to set a wake-up alarm on the TV


Promote your events, activities and premium packages directly on the TV

Purchase Requests

Allow patients to make requests for different goods or services on the TV

Channel Groups

Create customised channel lists for different clients and up-sell TV channels.

World Clock

Display a clock with different time zones for your international patients

Send a message

Send instant, personalised messages to your patients with a click of a button

Request Assistance

Patients can request a member of staff to come and help them via the TV System

Fire Alarm Warning

The fire alarm function can send an emergency message to all TVs.

Room Ready Menu

Once a room has been prepared, staff can set it as 'ready' for the next patient

There is so much you can do...

Reduce costs and improve staff efficiency...

Reduce printing cost

Add all required information on the TV and eliminate the need for printed materials

Update instantly

One person can update all the content instantly to all the screens that are connected to the system

Remote messaging

Improve staff efficiency by sending any key messages directly to your patients' room TV

Schedule Updates

You can prepare your content and schedule it to be published at your desired day/time

Let us do the work

Simply send over the information you need updated and our support team will design & update it for you

TV System Package Comparison

You can choose from our selected packages or let us know of your requirements and our team will tailor the ideal system for you…


Coax based system with an on-premise server

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IP based system – server & cloud options available

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IP based system with an on-premise server

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