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We provide fast, reliable Internet and Wi-Fi solutions to ensure that your patients can get the service they need. To do that,  our team will conduct a site survey to understand the building layout. Our team would also look into the Internet and Wi-Fi offering from the major service providers. Then, we will design a system using wired and wireless technology to deliver the best possible Internet speed & coverage. Furthermore, by using heat mapping, we can find any potential dead zones and ensure total coverage across the site.

Leased Internet Lines
Providing the care home/hospital with uncontended and scalable Internet connection for all your needs.
Distribute Internet over your existing coax network to each room without re-cabling or re-decorating.
Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection and the ability to control/monitor your Wi-Fi remotely from any location.

Split your connection into multiple secure VLANs to bring several services over the same channel.

Our strong, reliable network gives you maximum availability backed by end-to-end SLA without any point of failure.

Get technical support from our team of specialist engineers across the UK & Ireland

Our Internet services are both IPv4 and IPv6 compliant, ready for when IPv4 runs out

Leased Internet Lines

Our team can install Internet lines across the building to ensure premium connectivity. This can give care homes/hospitals uncontended Internet connection for all your needs.

Furthermore, all Internet connections from 10Mbps to 10Gbps have free DDoS, protection against attacks. What’s more, the installation is a plug-and-play deployment, reducing the cost of hardware and set up.


EOC stands for Ethernet-Over-Coax, meaning that we can help you establish an Ethernet network over existing coax cabling. In other words, you can get Internet & Wi-Fi, with enough bandwidth for each user, all without having to install new cables.

What does EOC do?

Cloud Managed Switches

Our cloud switches offer a range of features to ensure easy management & configuration.

Cloud Managed Access Points

Choose from a range of cloud managed access points, packed with a range of exclusive cloud features to meet your healthcare requirements.

Cloud Managed Security Gateways

Our cloud managed access points are packed with a range of exclusive features to ensure seamless management and configuration.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Our Cloud Based Wi-Fi is specially designed to give you fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, you can monitor your Wi-Fi remotely from anywhere in the world.

With advanced configuration, cloud monitoring and zero touch deployment, our Wi-Fi solutions help you reduce costs, improve Wi-Fi speed and eliminate patient disruption.


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